fairy elle : la fata bambina

The story of a bird with a special name

albero di natale con gli uccellini

Once upon a time there was a little bird.

His name was Christmas.

He flew free and happy with his little friends.

And then the winter was there.

His friends started off towards warm lands but he was sleeping ...

When he woke up he tried to find them. He flew and flew again ... and again. At the end, very tired, stopped on the top of a pine and began crying his heart out.

Warm tears rolled down the pine.

The Fairy of the Wood listened to him and sat near him: "Poor little bird! Do you see the stars in the sky? Tonight they have come down to smile to baby Jesus. All the world is celebrating. Fly, fly up there, catch all that you can ...".

And then the little bird flew and caught a lot of stars and the pine lit up.

The pine was so well-lit that it attracted a lot of birds.

The bird Christmas was no longer alone.

Merry Christmas to everybody!!!


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